Ishy’s Homebrew Rules!

Character Creation:

  • Each new character gets a feat to start.
  • Any character that has the ability to cast at least one spell may get Prestidigitation (magic granted through bloodline, natural talent, or study), Thaumaturgy (magic granted by a more powerful being) or Druidcraft (magic granted by nature) for free without taking up a cantrip slot. These can be added using my homebrew feats.
  • All of the optional class features granted by Tasha’s are free game and you may include them. Likewise you may always customize your ASI generated by your race.
  • Stats are chosen using standard array.


  • Yes, flanking.
  • Coins count toward encumbrance.
  • Advantage and disadvantage stack. If you have gained advantage twice, you get a +2 to the roll in addition to the standard roll 2d20 and take the higher. If you have gained advantage thrice, you get +5 to the roll. The opposite is true for disadvantage.
  • Resistance for the same thing from more than one source results in immunity.
  • If you are granted the spellcasting ability through your class features, you may choose to cast a spell for no slots by taking on a level of exhaustion equal to the spell’s level. A first level spell will incur one level of exhaustion, a level two spell will incur two levels of exhaustion. A level six spell will result in death. Spells above sixth level are not castable through this rule.
  • Upon being resurrected, a player character will immediately receive five levels of exhaustion. Additionally, any character may only be resurrected a number of times equal to their proficiency score. Each time a character reaches 0 HP or rolls a death saving throw, regardless of success or failure, they also receive one level of exhaustion.
  • Brutal criticals. When rolling a crit, you use maximum your damage die, then roll an additional damage die. After that, add any modifiers to your damage.
  • When taking a healing potion, you may take it as a bonus action and roll as normal. You may also choose, instead, to take it as an action and receive max return on HP. Administering a health potion to another character is always an action.
  • If you roll a natural one in melee combat, the creature you attacked may choose to take an attack of opportunity against you.