Ishy’s Homebrew Rules!

Character Creation:

  • Each new character gets a feat to start
  • Any character that has the ability to cast at least one spell may get Prestidigitation (magic granted through bloodline, natural talent, or study), Thaumaturgy (magic granted by a more powerful being) or Druidcraft (magic granted by nature) for free without taking up a cantrip slot. These can be added using my homebrew feats.
  • All of the optional class features granted by Tasha’s are free game and you may include them. Likewise you may always customize your ASI generated by your race.
  • Stats are chosen by point buy or standard array.
  • If you are granted the spellcasting ability through your class features, you may choose to cast a spell for no slots by taking on a level of exhaustion equal to the spell’s level. A first level spell will incur one level of exhaustion, a level two spell will incur two levels of exhaustion. A level six spell will result in death. Spells above sixth level are not castable through this rule.


  • Yes flanking
  • Coins count toward encumbrance.
  • Class features and certain spells that use radiant damage may instead use necrotic or force damage depending on your character’s alignment, oath, or domain. You must choose one at the beginning of the game.
  • Advantage and disadvantage stack. If you have gained advantage twice, you get a +2 to the roll in addition to the standard roll 2d20 and take the higher. If you have gained advantage thrice, you get +5 to the roll. The opposite is true for disadvantage.
  • Resistance for the same thing from more than one source results in immunity.

Optional Rules:

(As to be discussed prior to the start of the game.)

  • HP is not regained upon a long rest but must be regained through magical means, use of healer’s kits, or using hit dice. Hit dice refresh upon a long rest as normal.
  • Food and water is monitored, including for mounts and pets.